Property and Rental Management

Since 2005, Ultimate Property Solutions have specialised in residential property management and building management across the Auckland region. We have built a superior reputation for providing a management service to our clients, based on our proactive, resilient and trustworthy approach to handling our client’s properties
  • Marketing and advertising gurus – We have combined trade experience of over 30 years to help market to the correct type of tenants
  • We are investors as well – Combined, as a group we own over 25 apartments in the CBD are. These are all investment properties so we live and breath what we preach. We even send you all the latest market updates to keep you informed, no matter where you are in the world.
  • Finding and screening tenants – We take the hassle out picking the right credible tenants. We do everything from credit checks to calling past references to ensure the tenants pay on time and will keep the property in immaculate condition.
  • Assisting tenants in settling in – We take care of everything from the initial deep clean to ensuring the tenants settle into their new home with ease. A range of services include providing recommendations for services.
  • Managing suppliers and tradespeople for your apartment needs – We have great relationships for all sorts of skilled tradesmen and maintenance companies which you will need for big and small issues which you may occur. This includes taking care of all of your of all property repairs and maintenance.
  • Collecting rents, rent review, bonds and other payments – We have very strong systems and years of training to ensure all compliance is met with utmost ease. Our services are very modern and upto date to ensure all transactions are carried out seamlessly.
  • Ensuring tenants are in compliance with Body Corp rules and Tenancy laws at all times – We also have various building management managers across town hence we are well aware off all body corp rules and what to do if someone is ignorant of them. We will ensure the tenants are well aware of all the rules and the consequences of breaking them.
  • Conducting regular Inspections – We can carry out quarterly or six monthly inspections to ensure your apartment is kept in pristine condition. This includes sending you up to date photos and giving you a detailed report for the entire living area. We can help in rectifying any issues that may have arisen.
  • Resolving disputes- All of our staff has been especially trained in managing dispute before they get to the tenancy tribunal. Just in case they do get out of hand, we will handle the entire matter including visiting the tenancy tribunal court to help get a true and fair outcome. With our combined experience of over 30 years in the industry, we will handle the matter professionally for you.

Ultimate Property Solutions brings a wide range of choice, steadily updated property list and market trend for you to figure out your right decision. Contact us today for a free rental appraisal.

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